Have a Great Shopping Experience with Your Toddler

Kids Grocery List 768x1024 Have a Great Shopping Experience with Your Toddler

I made a Costco run today in 17 minutes. Total. It was a personal record, and I walked out with ten items. How? I was shopping solo. No kids in tow, which meant I probably shaved anywhere from 3 to 45 minutes not having them with me.

Shopping with your toddler doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, the rare times (like my Costco run) where I’m without my 3-year-old it seems quite boring. Continue reading

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The Best Parenting Book I’ve Read – Raising Happiness

Happy Toddler 768x1024 The Best Parenting Book Ive Read   Raising Happiness

Seven months ago I wrote about entering the phase of the Terrible Two’s with the Child, desperate for advice and a way to cope.

I know every parent says this, but the Child really is great. I find that she typically melts down when she’s tired, over stimulated or hungry. The hardest part in dealing with the so-called “terrible two’s” – which are age-appropriate reactions! – is reminding myself that I am the adult in the relationship.

Around the time I wrote the post about my challenges disciplining the toddler, I experienced one of the lowest points in my parenting experience thus far. The Child was melting down in her room. She wouldn’t put on her shoe or something insignificant like that. Frustrated, I told her I was leaving without her, walked out of her room and shut the door.

I will never forget the way her cry shifted from frustrated to so unbelievably sad, and even worse, the look Manfriend gave me when he went in to console her.

“You can’t say stuff like that to her. She feels abandoned by you.”

I felt tiny.

At that moment I knew I needed help. I wasn’t myself, and most importantly was not being the mom I wanted to be. A friend of mine recommended a book that I swear by and I now recommend to everyone I meet – parents and non-parents alike.

raising happiness book 300x300 The Best Parenting Book Ive Read   Raising Happiness

Raising Happiness did wonders for me. I communicate with my toddler in a way I never thought possible, which in turn has helped us both work through the times we both need a time out.

I took pages of notes that I often reference and firmly believe the key takeaways would benefit anyone and everyone.

  • You need to be able to find happiness within yourself before you can expect to teach someone else to do it.
  • Start a daily gratitude journal. The simple act of writing it down will bring you so much joy.
  • Leave the guilt at home and ignore your judgmental friends. Doing something without your kids to nourish your soul is important. 
  • Forgiveness is a skill you need to teach and practice.
  • Eat dinner as a family.

Read the book and check out the author’s blog while you’re at it.

Has a book recently touched you?

 The Best Parenting Book Ive Read   Raising Happiness