Reno Tahoe Maternity Family Photo Shoot

I wasn’t planning on doing a maternity shoot for baby #2 until I realized late into my pregnancy that I had virtually no pictures with Manfriend and the Child + the bump.

I’m so glad we did. Mel of Underwood Photography did a beautiful job capturing our family’s spirit – it was perfect. If you live in Reno or Tahoe and need a photographer, it goes without saying we strongly recommend Underwood.

To check out more images for our shoot – head here.

Maternity Family Shoot Reno Tahoe Maternity Family Photo Shoot

Maternity shoot Reno Tahoe Maternity Family Photo Shoot

Maternity shoot balloons Reno Tahoe Maternity Family Photo Shoot

 Reno Tahoe Maternity Family Photo Shoot
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We Don’t Call It Anti-Social Media for a Reason

It’s a tiny shred of advice I include in every social media strategic plan, consultation or conversation about social media – “Don’t forget, it’s SOCIAL!”

You can build the best strategy, post religiously, and RT your heart out, but if you aren’t making social media a part of your real-life, everyday existence, the former is all in vain.

It’s the beauty and downfall of social media. You become public. Continue reading

My Interview with Wanda Sykes

Prior to Wednesday, March 2, 2011, I merely enjoyed watching Wanda Sykes, much like I enjoy a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. It’s nice, but no biggie if I don’t have it.  After spending 15 minutes on the phone with Sykes, I have a much bigger appreciation. Let’s just say if that cup of coffee weren’t there, I’d be fairly grumpy.

As she explains in our interview below, she’s just plain normal and incredibly nice! She’s a working mom of nearly 2-year-old twins. As a mom of ONE 20 month old, I instantly feel a connection. How else could I possibly connect to one of the most successful female comedians? Continue reading