Tastebud Tuesday | Rubicon Pizza Company at Northstar

photo 2 225x300 Tastebud Tuesday | Rubicon Pizza Company at Northstar

Thai Pizza at Rubicon Pizza Company

It’s after 10pm as I write this post and my mouth is watering. I could blame it on the pregnancy, but who am I kidding. I could eat pizza all day, every day.

Since I’m not doing much skiing this winter season, I’m finding new ways to get out and explore the mountains with the Child. Promises of hot chocolate is a pretty standard bribe. Call  me a bad parent, but it works.

After a recent hiking adventure, we ate lunch at one of my favorite places at the Northstar Village – Rubicon Pizza Company. Have you been there? The Thai pizza is AH-MAZING. And the Child’s pizza that I helped devour was also insanely good. (Who’s a good parent?)

KidFriendly RubiconPizza 225x300 Tastebud Tuesday | Rubicon Pizza Company at Northstar

You can read my ode to Rubicon in my post on Snow.com.

Have you eaten here yet?


My Interview with Tara Llanes

Shimanu Kids Race 300x213 My Interview with Tara Llanes

Photo Courtesy of Tara Llanes

I don’t believe anything in life happens by chance, even the crummy stuff.

A couple of months ago I became a contributor for the Buzz section of Snow.com, writing about Heavenly Mountain Resort and Northstar-at-Tahoe. Although my schedule is already packed with a full-time job, consulting gig and family, I managed to make it work, and it’s been well worth the extra time! I’ve learned about areas of each mountain resort I might not have known about otherwise.

I submitted my last entry for the month of September last night, and it is by far my favorite. Had I not been allowed to contribute to Snow.com I may have never heard about Tara Llanes, let alone been given the opportunity to chat with her directly.

She is amazing. Although I only spent a few minutes with her on the phone, I will forever be impacted by her positive energy. For fifteen years she competed as a professional mountain biker, winning both silver and bronze at the World Championships and winning the X Games. In 2007 she suffered a terrible accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

For the last four years she has worked hard every single day in physical therapy to someday walk again, even though her doctors said she never would.

Meeting people like Tara Llanes and Reno-local Grant Korgan bring tears to my eyes. They’re faced with such an incredible obstacle but face it gracefully and with such tenacity and vigor. It makes me wonder – if I went through the same experience, could I be this strong?

To read more about Tara Llanes’ event this weekend at Northstar-at-Tahoe and about her road to recovery check out the official snow.com blog.