Dude, Don’t Post That to Social Media!

It’s not pretty, but one of my favorite things to share with people when I teach social media workshops is this -

Trying to remove something you’ve posted to the Internet is like trying to remove pee from a swimming pool. It isn’t going to happen.

I remember speaking to soon-t0-be college graduates not too long ago. When I suggested they clean up their social profiles before they job hunt because guess what? Your employers are checking! I saw way too many eyes grow wide.

I really dig the infographic below. It acts as your devil’s advocate during the “Post or Not to Post” process.

Do you check yourself before posting or hit ‘click’ too often without thinking?

 Infographic courtesy of Onlineclasses.org
120820FlowchartFINAL Dude, Dont Post That to Social Media!

 Dude, Dont Post That to Social Media!
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Create Your Own Digital Infographic

WhatAboutMe 629x1024 Create Your Own Digital Infographic

I originally saw this post on one of my favorite blogger’s website, The Baochi Banter.

Intel just launched an online tool that enables you to create your own infographic about your online activity and behavior.

You plug in to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and it spits out an image of your digital life, including topics you post on the most and what time of day you’re most active.

Intel believes I’m most interested in fashion, since according to this, my favorite words  are:

  • dresser
  • pretty
  • sale
  • store
  • deal

The insights aren’t incredibly robust, but it’s a neat tool for exploring your personal brand and looking at your social activity.

Head here to create your own!

 Create Your Own Digital Infographic
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