DIY Tutorial: Craigslist Chair Makeover

Kitchen Chairs Before and After 1024x388 DIY Tutorial: Craigslist Chair Makeover

Our dining room is undergoing a major overhaul. It all started this summer when Manfriend knocked down the wall between the living room and the dining room. Since then, I’ve been working on giving the entire room a makeover – peeling ugly wallpaper, putting a coat of fresh paint on the walls, sewing new curtains, making shelves – the works! Needless to say with a newborn in the house, the home projects are taking quite a bit longer these days, but I’m taking it one step at a time and celebrating the little victories. Continue reading

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Easy Steps to Reupholster Chairs

IMG 6815 300x225 Easy Steps to Reupholster Chairs

This is my idea of a good night; jazz flute blaring from the radio as I work on arts and crafts. (And by blaring I mean quietly playing so as not to wake The Child.)

Weeks have gone by since I’ve touched my sewing machine. I’ve been too caught up in post-trip/new job chaos that I haven’t had time to truly miss it. Now that the house is once again clean and quiet, I’m itching to get my craft on.

I hadn’t realized how ugly our kitchen chairs were until I started reading Design Sponge regularly. There are so many neat DIY projects on this site, complete with before and after images, that I walk away wishing I could quit my day job to focus on such things. Alas, I don’t (yet) have that level of talent or skill, and I like my day job too much to quit. Continue reading