Daytrip to Newport Beach, California – in Pictures

I’m preparing to head on yet another trip to Newport Beach, California for work (24 hour whirlwind). It’s such a beautiful area I wish I could stay longer! Having grown up in Southern California, and especially  now that I’m away, I regret not having spent more time at the beach.

Below are photos from my first trip for work in January –  what are your favorite spots in Newport?

Newport Beach sand 1024x682 Daytrip to Newport Beach, California   in Pictures

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Guest Post – Summer Upgrades for Chic Moms

choosingclothes Guest Post   Summer Upgrades for Chic Moms

-by Liz Sparks

You’ve been stuck inside now for months, with young children who are bored, anxious and ready to play outside. Your house might be a disaster and your wardrobe is probably looking a little tired, and you are thinking that life as a mom has never been more tiring. But summer is on the horizon, and the glorious warm, sunny days that are made for play dates at the park and swimming in the pool are upon us. This is your time as a mom to refresh and relax, and get rejuvenated before the hustle and bustle of the school year starts up again. Consider these summer upgrades to help you feel your best and get the most out of this summer. Continue reading

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An Update on My Wardrobe Resolution

It’s been three months since I publicly declared I would only buy used clothes for a year.

I’m checking in and happy to report I’m still stickin’ to it! In fact, just the other day a gal in my work elevator complimented my shoes and wanted to know where I bought them. ‘The Goodwill,” I proudly replied, which was met by uncomfortable silence.

I’ve had a few people ask me since my post in February if the resolution includes underwear.

Abso-effing-lutely not. I will continue to buy new underwear, socks and swimwear. Continue reading

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Jungle Gym and Arts and Crafts: The Best Kids Playroom Ideas

In about two months (when Mel turns one) my girls will be sharing a room. Thankfully, the Child is excited at the idea. Similarly, I’m looking forward to my new project – converting the baby room into the girls’ play room.

Jennifer Jenkins is on the blog today sharing ideas for creating the perfect playroom – a space where kids can play, learn and grow. Continue reading

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Sewing for Charity – How to Make Turbans for Cancer Patients

sewing club 1024x768 Sewing for Charity   How to Make Turbans for Cancer Patients

My gal pals and I have built a fantastic sewing community for ourselves. Since early 2012 we’ve hosted Stitch n’ Bitch parties, where a group of us gather to sew, catch up and learn a few new tricks in using our machines. Because the gals who run in the circle are nothing short of incredible, one of our friends suggested we turn our next SNB into a charity sew-along, and so – we did. Continue reading

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The Inside Scoop on Thrift Shopping in Reno

By now you should know about my love for thrifting . So much so that I’ve committed to buying used clothing for myself for one whole year. I’m thrilled to have my friend Auburn Harrison on the blog today. She has the pleasure of not only working in a rewarding job, but she also works above a thrift shop! Below she shares a darling interview with one of the employees there, and some insider tips on the thrifting industry. Continue reading

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