Guest Post: Three Things Parents Must Do to Teach Their Kids Good Work Ethic

dishes Guest Post: Three Things Parents Must Do to Teach Their Kids Good Work Ethic

Creative Commons image by clogozm.

My partner and I joke that our 16 month old will be the child who never leaves home – EVER. Unlike my 4yo, she suffers from separation anxiety and is super attached to mama. I’m not complaining.

But I do worry about helping foster her independence and confidence. As she watches older sis, she wants to be a part of everything and of course, help, so we let her and it’s not only adorable, it’s a lesson in patience for all of us. Continue reading

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New Passion Project –

offtractaboutmegroupphoto2 New Passion Project

Of the many awesome things that have entered my life in 2013, I’m so thrilled to share with you my latest passion project – offTRACT.

offTRACT is a collaboration with my dear friends Anna and Emily where we share rad ideas for DIY projects, home design, share artistic inspirations and life advice that will make you wet your pants.

Take a look around and let me know what you think! Continue reading

What I’ve Gained through Sewing

sewing class What Ive Gained through Sewing



I recently stumbled upon this article about what can be gained through sewing.

I picked up sewing in 2008 as I prepared for my first trip to Burning Man - never dreaming it would become one of my greatest passions.

Like most of my interests, I don’t dedicate as much time to it as I would like (between work, my girls & blogging), but it has become a hobby that defines me.

Yes, sewing can teach you dexterity and confidence as you learn a new skill. However, if you’ve ever sewn, you know the confidence you gain can just as quickly be stripped away when a damn needle breaks or you can’t get the tension right. Continue reading

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Daytrip to Newport Beach, California – in Pictures

I’m preparing to head on yet another trip to Newport Beach, California for work (24 hour whirlwind). It’s such a beautiful area I wish I could stay longer! Having grown up in Southern California, and especially  now that I’m away, I regret not having spent more time at the beach.

Below are photos from my first trip for work in January –  what are your favorite spots in Newport?

Newport Beach sand 1024x682 Daytrip to Newport Beach, California   in Pictures

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