How to Make Your Own DIY Jewelry Holder

I’m excited to share two easy projects to help you make your own jewelry holder.

The first is from my sister-in-law, Leslie, who is a new mama (her son is only 7 weeks old!). She’s reconnecting with her crafty side during maternity leave which is so much fun! In fact, we recently hosted a sewing party with our girlfriends that I can’t wait to blog about.

Finding creative ways to store or display your jewelry can be tricky, but below are two easy ways to reduce clutter and make your own jewelry holder!

Leslie’s creation  

What you need:

  • Frame with cork ($3.99 at Michael’s.)
  • Small bottle of green paint ($0.79 at Michael’s)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Magnet
  • Pins

Leslie DIYJewelryHolder 404x1024 How to Make Your Own DIY Jewelry Holder

My Jewelry Holder 

What you need:

  • Empty frame ($0.50 at local thrift store)
  • Mesh (had extra in our sewing room)
  • Thumb tacks to secure the mesh to the board
  • Tools to hang the frame to your wall
  • Vancour JewelryHolder 1024x1024 How to Make Your Own DIY Jewelry Holder


Tastebud Tuesday | Rubicon Pizza Company at Northstar

photo 2 225x300 Tastebud Tuesday | Rubicon Pizza Company at Northstar

Thai Pizza at Rubicon Pizza Company

It’s after 10pm as I write this post and my mouth is watering. I could blame it on the pregnancy, but who am I kidding. I could eat pizza all day, every day.

Since I’m not doing much skiing this winter season, I’m finding new ways to get out and explore the mountains with the Child. Promises of hot chocolate is a pretty standard bribe. Call  me a bad parent, but it works.

After a recent hiking adventure, we ate lunch at one of my favorite places at the Northstar Village – Rubicon Pizza Company. Have you been there? The Thai pizza is AH-MAZING. And the Child’s pizza that I helped devour was also insanely good. (Who’s a good parent?)

KidFriendly RubiconPizza 225x300 Tastebud Tuesday | Rubicon Pizza Company at Northstar

You can read my ode to Rubicon in my post on

Have you eaten here yet?


Awesome Bracelets from Craft Night

Craft Night Gals 1024x1024 Awesome Bracelets from Craft Night

I read a lot of craft and sewing blogs, and always feel a twinge of jealousy when I see pictures of sewing groups and craft communities. I used to think and say, “I wish Reno had some of those!”

The universe listened and 2012 has been off to a crafty start! Ashley of Paisley Ann Home recently hosted a bracelet making night at her house. Our goal was to make three bracelets, but after so much gabbing and snacking, we were lucky to walk away with two! It was so much fun meeting new gals and learning a new skill.

If you want to try making your own hex nut bracelet (they’re super cool) view the tutorial.

Below are a few pictures of our creations from that night.

To see more pictures from our bracelet night, or to take one of Ashley’s classes, check out her site!

Buttons 1024x768 Awesome Bracelets from Craft Night

Bracelet Buttons 1024x1024 Awesome Bracelets from Craft Night

Hex Nut Bracelet 1024x1024 Awesome Bracelets from Craft Night

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My Interview on Dianapantz Blog

It’s not easy making friends as an adult, and I really think it’s a little harder for women, because, well – we can be so catty and petty sometimes.

Dianapantz My Interview on Dianapantz Blog

So as a gal, when you meet another gal who you just “click” with, it’s a great feeling! That was my experience this summer at the 20SB Summit when I met Diana. She has a great spirit and  the more I get to know her, the more I know we were meant to be friends. (Albeit long distance pals, but a great digital pen pal at that.)

Today I’m honored to be the featured interview on her blog.

Check it out!

December Goals Recap and January 2012 Goals

One of my goals should be posting my goals as close to the first of the month as possible.

Below is a recap of my December goals. I tried to bite off more than I could chew. Lesson learned. I underestimated how busy the holiday season can be!

December 2011 Goals 

  1. Finish reading the two books on my nightstand and start a third.
    It may have been 9pm on December 31 but I finished my two books! The Girl Who Played with Fire and Breaking Dawn. This is a great goal – I brought my book to read during lunches and made it a point to read more before bed. 
    The Girl Who Played with Fire Book 300x300 December Goals Recap and January 2012 Goals
  2. Finish sewing the dress I started months ago. Pitiful! I worked on my dress once  in December. The sad thing is this dress won’t fit me when I finish it due to my growing belly and chest! 
  3. Send holiday gifts by December 12. Partial win. I lost my friend’s gift, so I made and sent a new gift this week. 
  4. Run 1x a week. This one was by far the easiest to keep!
  5. Finish the bedroom makeover. Not quite complete, but got a lot of work done! 
  6. Set up the new printer that’s been sitting in my office since August. Not sure why I keep putting this off, but I do. 
  7. Practice guitar 3x a week. Pitiful! Of all my hobbies, this is the most neglected. 
I accomplished 3/7 – how did your goals go?
January 2012 Goals  
  1. Finish reading 3 books, two on positive disciplining and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. (I will be so sad when this series ends.)
  2. Make/sew The Child’s apron and the bedroom curtains.
  3. Finish bedroom makeover!
  4. Workout 2x a week. Running is becoming less comfortable at 5 months pregnant, so I’ve taken up yoga, am vowing to ride my bike more and take walks as often as possible.
  5. Set up the damn printer!
What are your goals this month?