The Truth about Loving Yourself

the truth about loving yourself The Truth about Loving Yourself


My daughters and I listen to Disney music during dinner time. Dance parties and loud singing ensue.

The other night, Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid came on.

My four-year-old quickly said, “I don’t like Ursula. She’s a meanie. No one loves her. Only Ursula loves her.”

I started to spiral in my head.

Actually, Billie, even Ursula doesn’t love herself. That’s why she’s such a meanie. 

Was this an opportunity to teach my daughter about self-love and bullies?

By the time I formulated my thoughts, Billie had moved on to the third or fourth topic at the dinner table.

But that moment has made me pause. There are and will be countless teaching opportunities with my girls, and boy how quickly they sneak up on you.

I’ve learned a lot about myself this year – including how to truly, wholeheartedly love myself. And strangely enough, it was this quote that hit home for me. Continue reading

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3 New Year Splurges for a Super Mom’s Holiday Recovery

Every holiday season I work really hard to stay stress free. It’s the happiest time of the year!

I avoid shopping malls at all costs and keep my Christmas shopping list small. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back – I just really think my family and I do a decent job of staying low-key and to enjoy the true spirit of the season. My favorite days include hunting for a Christmas tree, baking cookies, writing letters to Santa and holiday arts and crafts.

But even those of us who don’t give in to the hustle and bustle get exhausted – holiday parties while fun can be tiring and if you don’t watch your sugar intake, energy levels and waistlines suffer.

I’m happy to have guest blogger Anne Scott here today to talk about ways for moms (and even dads, too!) to unwind after the holiday whirlwind.

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Flying Over the Nevada Desert & Camping on the Playa

Yup, this one goes down as one of the best dates ever.

A few weeks before Burning Man, Manfriend and I flew out to the Black Rock Desert to camp and it goes without saying, but we had a fabulous night.

I highly recommend this experience. It is so beautifully quiet – you can hear the silence! Any parent with two small children can appreciate how special it is to have a night with your partner, uninterrupted.

Manfriend Pilot Flying Over the Nevada Desert & Camping on the Playa

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Review – Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena

Kidspace Childrens Museum 1024x682 Review   Kidspace Childrens Museum in Pasadena

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, traveling to Southern California with my daughters as tourists is so much fun. I have a new appreciation for the area in which I grew up, including kids’ museums I never had reason to check out when I lived there.

Last winter, my daughters and I ventured to Pasadena to check out the Kidspace Children’s Museum with my sister, niece and my best friend. It’s tucked away in a really darling piece of land near the Rose Bowl. Continue reading

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Buying Used Clothes at Goodwill – Banana Republic and Tahari Pumps

Mad Men Banana Republic Collection Buying Used Clothes at Goodwill   Banana Republic and Tahari Pumps

At the advice of a good pal, I’m keeping track of my spending during my wardrobe resolution.

I’m 9 months in to my challenge and have only purchased one new clothing item – cat space pants from Target. (No explanation needed.)

I highly recommend giving this a whirl. If a year seems too long, try it for a couple of months – you’ll save so much money and actually leave Target with only the items you need. 

Here is my recent score from Goodwill for work clothing. Continue reading

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