Flying Over the Nevada Desert & Camping on the Playa

Yup, this one goes down as one of the best dates ever.

A few weeks before Burning Man, Manfriend and I flew out to the Black Rock Desert to camp and it goes without saying, but we had a fabulous night.

I highly recommend this experience. It is so beautifully quiet – you can hear the silence! Any parent with two small children can appreciate how special it is to have a night with your partner, uninterrupted.

Manfriend Pilot Flying Over the Nevada Desert & Camping on the Playa

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Camping with Toddlers at Fallen Leaf Lake

IMG 1687 Camping with Toddlers at Fallen Leaf Lake

The only thing(s) my older daughter wanted for her fourth birthday this year was to camp and eat Snow White cupcakes. Easy peasy.

Camping for her birthday is a nice tradition we’ve formed and such a great way to spend QT as a family.

This year we went to Fallen Leaf Lake in South Lake Tahoe. I have always wanted to explore that region and will definitely be going back. It’s a great campground for families – quiet, spacious and the lake is great for swimming and kayaking, without the crowds you might find at Lake Tahoe. Loved everything about this place! Continue reading

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The Inside Scoop on Thrift Shopping in Reno

By now you should know about my love for thrifting . So much so that I’ve committed to buying used clothing for myself for one whole year. I’m thrilled to have my friend Auburn Harrison on the blog today. She has the pleasure of not only working in a rewarding job, but she also works above a thrift shop! Below she shares a darling interview with one of the employees there, and some insider tips on the thrifting industry. Continue reading

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The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2012

IMG 8082 1024x682 The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2012

This marked the second time in my life and our second time as a family cutting down our very own Christmas tree. As our girls get older, it’s that much more important to create holiday traditions and memories.

It’s one of the many things in becoming a parent that makes us appreciate what our parents did for us. Manfriend and I don’t have a ton of family traditions, which makes it that much more fun to create our own. Continue reading

Our First Trip to the Genoa Candy Dance

In the six years I’ve lived in Reno, this marked my first time at the annual Genoa Candy Dance. That’s the beauty of children; you explore and do things you might otherwise take no interest in.

That said, it was a long day for the girls. It was hot and there are literally thousands of people. As the Child sat in the middle of a road screaming her lungs out, I looked across the street and my eyes rested on the oldest saloon in Nevada. “Next year, we’re coming without the kids and spending our day there,” I told my friend.

Family event, yes. But plan for a long day of walking and potential heat. Continue reading