The Truth about Loving Yourself

the truth about loving yourself The Truth about Loving Yourself


My daughters and I listen to Disney music during dinner time. Dance parties and loud singing ensue.

The other night, Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid came on.

My four-year-old quickly said, “I don’t like Ursula. She’s a meanie. No one loves her. Only Ursula loves her.”

I started to spiral in my head.

Actually, Billie, even Ursula doesn’t love herself. That’s why she’s such a meanie. 

Was this an opportunity to teach my daughter about self-love and bullies?

By the time I formulated my thoughts, Billie had moved on to the third or fourth topic at the dinner table.

But that moment has made me pause. There are and will be countless teaching opportunities with my girls, and boy how quickly they sneak up on you.

I’ve learned a lot about myself this year – including how to truly, wholeheartedly love myself. And strangely enough, it was this quote that hit home for me. Continue reading

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Book Review – Delivering Happiness & Finding Your Higher Purpose

I recently finished reading Delivering Happiness written by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.

Now, I can’t stop talking about it, especially because I feel like the Universe is continuously reminding me of the book.

Exhibit A| I have a newborn baby so I’m more than behind on reading through my favorite blogs on my Google Reader. However, earlier this month I was compelled to click on Amy’s blog and low and behold she had written about the science of happiness. Thanks to Tony (apparently a friend of hers) she’s intrigued by the study of positive psychology. If you’re still reading this and remotely interested, be sure to check out this video she posted.

Exhibit B | A few weeks after reading this post, Baochi Nguyen (one of my favorite bloggers) posts on Facebook that she’s hosting a webinar via RingCentral featuring none other than Tony Hsieh. HELLO! I somehow managed to listen to the entire podcast while simultaneously wrangling my two children and making myself presentable for the day. If you missed the webinar, you can listen to it here.

Learning from Zappos1 300x212 Book Review   Delivering Happiness & Finding Your Higher Purpose

Exhibit C | My sister-in-law is launching her own business, and I’ve been busy these last few weeks helping her build her company’s website. Last night over dinner we started talking about social media (Twitter specifically) and I mentioned that I’d  just won my latest favorite book via Twitter. “Which one?” she asked. And just as I started on my tangent on why Delivering Happiness is such a great read she says, “My business coach just recommended that book!”

Sister, now that I’m getting a copy, I’ll make sure you read it. 

As Marianne Williamson said in A Woman’s Worth, 

A career grows out of who we are; who we are doesn’t grow out of a career.”

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or trying to find your calling in life, I recommend you read this book. It will inspire you and force you to not only identify your values, but more importantly determine if your personal values align with those of the company you’re building or working for. The questions aren’t easy, but if you have an answer, you’re more than on your way to carving out your own happy path in life.

  1. Are you working toward maximizing your happiness each day?
  2. What are your values?
  3. What are you passionate about?
  4. What inspires you?
  5. What is your goal in life?
  6. What is your higher purpose?

Every person took a different path to get here, but our paths managed to intersect.” – Tony Hsieh

 Book Review   Delivering Happiness & Finding Your Higher Purpose

How Do You Define Success?

Girls Playing in Water Sunset How Do You Define Success?


I’ve been wanting to write about this since I read Fat Mum Slim‘s take on the subject in late March. Since then, the definition of success has come up quite frequently in random conversations and even in a portion of the book I’m currently reading. I took these as signs to take a heartfelt look at my life and how I would define the word.

I loved Fat Mum Slim’s definition:

“It’s laughing with my husband and getting butterflies when he comes home from work. It’s having a healthy daughter who is happy and loves me back.”

Much like all other mommy guilt (self-inflicted), I find that defending or defining why some of us do what we do is always challenging – because of the judgment we feel from other parents and the guilt we impose on ourselves. And because of that, our definitions of success will vary greatly. There is no right or wrong answer. 

As I prepare for baby #2 and continuously strive to strike a balance between my professional life and personal life, the definition of success has been weighing heavily on my mind. I’m just wrapping up the first chapter of Eat, Pray, Love. The author is struggling with her decision to leave a marriage, not have children and still feel like she fits into society.

“First you are a child, then you are a teenager, then you are a young married person, then you are a parent, they you are retired, then you are a grandparent – at every stage you know who you are, you know what your duty is and you know where to sit at the reunion.”

But what if you don’t “fit in”? What if you never have kids? Have a high-paying job? Get married?  How do you measure your “success”?

I genuinely love what I do professionally, and I know that in order for me to be a good parent, I need to work. I need that balance. This doesn’t mean I don’t miss my daughter or have days where I feel overwhelming guilt. But for now, it’s the right balance for me. 

I envy my parent friends who only work a few days a week – “They have the best of both worlds!” I often think. Similarly, I admire my friends whose full-time job is being a parent. That has to be the toughest job in the world.


uccess for me means having a healthy family; love and peace in my home; learning to love myself completely and raising happy kids.

How do you define success?

 How Do You Define Success?

Product Review: Simple Skincare

Simple Skincare Klout 1024x1024 Product Review: Simple Skincare

A week ago I had never heard of Simple Skincare until I received a happy surprise from Klout in the mail with a sample of Simple facial wipes and moisturizer.

I took horrible care of skin throughout college. I rarely removed makeup after all-nighters or parties. It wasn’t until 5-6 years ago that I started to take better care of my skin (and myself overall ).

I remember reading a quote from a 40-something-year-old whose sole advice to her younger self was “Take care of your skin. Your 40-year-old self will thank you.”

I’ve never been married to one particular skincare product. I’m lucky in that I don’t have sensitive skin, so I’ve always bounced between brands.

Now that I’ve been using Simple Skincare wipes and moisturizer for more than a week I’m in love. 

Unlike other makeup removers I’ve used in the past, these wipes feel gentle and are not at all oily. The moisturizer is light and smooth.

Target Simple Skincare 768x1024 Product Review: Simple Skincare

I’ve had such a positive experience I stocked up on my recent trip to Target. I was happily surprised to find how affordable the brand is!

Thanks for the Klout perk – you have a new fan!

Have you used Simple Skincare before? What’s your favorite skincare brand?

*This post is not sponsored by Klout or Simple Skincare. As a recipient of a Klout perk, I’m in no way paid or expected to write a review of the product. 

 Product Review: Simple Skincare

Guest Post – How to Fit Exercise into Your Schedule

Reno Fitness Instructor 300x238 Guest Post   How to Fit Exercise into Your Schedule

My friend Skye (who talked about being a mompreneur on Wednesday) is back to talk about her new lunch exercise class in Reno, and how you can fit exercise into a busy schedule. As Skye’s Facebook page says – “There is always time for exercise!”


My new business is named Skye Garman Fitness mostly because I couldn’t decide on a super cool unique name, and I figured there weren’t too many other Skye Garmans out there.

I specialize in one-on-one personal training and small group fitness classes. Right now, I am working primarily with women like me who have children and are looking for guidance, support and motivation to stay active, get back in shape, lean out etc.

I work out of MRI Advanced Training Facility, which is an amazing gym full of every piece of fitness equipment a person could ever want. For many, the gym is intimidating and I want to take that intimidation factor out of the equation. I try to educate my clients on why they are doing the exercises they are doing and what they are strengthening. And, I strive to make each workout or class unique, interesting, and fun!

Exercise in my book should not be drudgery. If you can’t enjoy exercising you will never want to do it again. Joking around and laughing during the workout is acceptable and encouraged in my classes. But, at the same time I want my clients to come to the gym ready to work hard, focus, and be in the moment. For some, this is the only “me” time they have in their day, and I encourage them to take advantage of that!

Lunch Crunch is a lunch time class that takes place at MRI every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:10-12:50. It’s 40 minutes, so it gives working folks time to change and get back to work. It’s open to all fitness levels and it’s co-ed. I co-teach the class with Gina Gilbert-Green, so class participants get a lot of individual attention at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer. And, people with injuries or who are new to fitness can rest assured that exercises will be modified accordingly for them.

The class is just $10! We have designed the class to be circuit style with cardio intervals. What this means is that a person gets a full body workout every class. We incorporate weights, body weight exercises, running drills, stair climbing, and core/balance training. If this is the only class that a person can make even just 1 day a week, they are getting a head to toe complete workout. It’s a great class for busy people who don’t have a ton of extra time to work out.

Because I know that people are time starved in our day and age, I help my clients create their workout regime outside of the gym, too. Whether it is creating a schedule or emailing them home workouts to do (“homework” for the week), I often end up working out at home too, in my garage during my daughter’s nap time.

I am no stranger myself to having to figure out how to make time for my fitness as well. I think many people think that if they don’t have a full hour to dedicate to fitness, then it’s not worth it to workout. But really, if a person could just dedicate 20 intense focused minutes on a regular basis, it would benefit them. Whether it be a power walk/jog, push-ups and jumping jacks in the living room, or having a dance party with your kids in the kitchen.

It’s about consistency and working with the time you DO have and making that time count!

 How do you fit exercise into your busy schedule?

 Guest Post   How to Fit Exercise into Your Schedule