5 Tips for Keeping Preschoolers Entertained When You Dine Out

We rarely eat out as a family, simply because I enjoy cooking and eating in the comfort of our home without having to go anywhere.

But like anyone, there are some nights where I just don’t feel like doing the cooking or cleaning and going out is an attractive option.

As a parent of young daughters (both under the age of 5) it’s tempting to say, “We can’t go to dinner until they’re older”, but how else will they learn manners and behaving in public? So instead, we plan earlier dinners out around 5pm – before the evening rush – and bring supplies to distract if needed.

I’m glad to have Randi on the blog today, sharing some of her favorite tips for keeping the kiddos entertained.  Continue reading

Klout Hooked It Up: The Braun Thermometer

Klout and Braun 768x1024 Klout Hooked It Up: The Braun Thermometer

Klout has really stepped it up. I feel like the perks I’ve recently received are way more aligned with my “personal brand”, and they’re items I’ll actually use!

Among the most recent Klout Perks, I got the Braun forehead thermometer.

As a mama to two young girls, I fully appreciate not having to shove anything into my girls to get a good temperature reading. As I’m sure they do, too. Continue reading

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3 New Year Splurges for a Super Mom’s Holiday Recovery

Every holiday season I work really hard to stay stress free. It’s the happiest time of the year!

I avoid shopping malls at all costs and keep my Christmas shopping list small. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back – I just really think my family and I do a decent job of staying low-key and to enjoy the true spirit of the season. My favorite days include hunting for a Christmas tree, baking cookies, writing letters to Santa and holiday arts and crafts.

But even those of us who don’t give in to the hustle and bustle get exhausted – holiday parties while fun can be tiring and if you don’t watch your sugar intake, energy levels and waistlines suffer.

I’m happy to have guest blogger Anne Scott here today to talk about ways for moms (and even dads, too!) to unwind after the holiday whirlwind.

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‘Tis the Season: 6 Gifts for Teachers That Go Beyond Gift Cards

Depositphotos 27553251 xs Tis the Season: 6 Gifts for Teachers That Go Beyond Gift Cards

My daughters go to daycare/preschool twice a week and love their teachers, which makes drop off a little easier for me. But each time they’ve moved up to a new class, I feel like such an A-hole because I can never think of a clever or thoughtful gift to give their teachers. ..then a few weeks go by and I feel even worse. I had mentally committed to making or scouring original gifts for their teachers this holiday season… which is why I’m so happy to have Barry guest blogging today sharing gift ideas for teachers. As a teacher himself, he has some great ideas. Thanks, Barry!

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Infographic – Everything You Need to Know about Car Seat Safety

I will never forget my first outing with baby. It had been days since I had driven (I had a C-section) and not only did it feel weird to be behind the wheel, I was driving like an old woman because I had a newborn in the back seat! Second to that, I realized I never practiced putting in or taking out the car seat until I was sitting in a parking lot, struggling to get the car seat to “click” into place. Continue reading