Guest Post: 7 Boho Bedroom Ideas

shabby chic Guest Post: 7 Boho Bedroom Ideas

It must be the beautiful weather and the fact that it’s spring – but I am crazy obsessed with projects right now! In the yard, in the house, on my sewing machine – it’s a little out of hand. But it’s exciting and I happily welcome this time of year. One of my many “update” projects includes spicing up my bedroom. I’m happy to welcome Jessica to the blog today, sharing her tips on adding Boho glamour to your room. Continue reading

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Living Richly – My Interview with Redbook Magazine

Redbook April 2014 Living Richly 768x1024 Living Richly   My Interview with Redbook Magazine

More than one year after making a public commitment to only buy used clothes, I’m happy to report it is no longer an experiment – it is my lifestyle. 

With the exception of a pair of cat space leggings I bought brand new, I have only purchased used clothing since February 2013. I’m a fairly practical and well – cheap – person so it was a challenge I happily embraced. Continue reading

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Buying Used Clothes at Goodwill – Banana Republic and Tahari Pumps

Mad Men Banana Republic Collection Buying Used Clothes at Goodwill   Banana Republic and Tahari Pumps

At the advice of a good pal, I’m keeping track of my spending during my wardrobe resolution.

I’m 9 months in to my challenge and have only purchased one new clothing item – cat space pants from Target. (No explanation needed.)

I highly recommend giving this a whirl. If a year seems too long, try it for a couple of months – you’ll save so much money and actually leave Target with only the items you need. 

Here is my recent score from Goodwill for work clothing. Continue reading

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New Passion Project –

offtractaboutmegroupphoto2 New Passion Project

Of the many awesome things that have entered my life in 2013, I’m so thrilled to share with you my latest passion project – offTRACT.

offTRACT is a collaboration with my dear friends Anna and Emily where we share rad ideas for DIY projects, home design, share artistic inspirations and life advice that will make you wet your pants.

Take a look around and let me know what you think! Continue reading

Guest Post – Summer Upgrades for Chic Moms

choosingclothes Guest Post   Summer Upgrades for Chic Moms

-by Liz Sparks

You’ve been stuck inside now for months, with young children who are bored, anxious and ready to play outside. Your house might be a disaster and your wardrobe is probably looking a little tired, and you are thinking that life as a mom has never been more tiring. But summer is on the horizon, and the glorious warm, sunny days that are made for play dates at the park and swimming in the pool are upon us. This is your time as a mom to refresh and relax, and get rejuvenated before the hustle and bustle of the school year starts up again. Consider these summer upgrades to help you feel your best and get the most out of this summer. Continue reading

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An Update on My Wardrobe Resolution

It’s been three months since I publicly declared I would only buy used clothes for a year.

I’m checking in and happy to report I’m still stickin’ to it! In fact, just the other day a gal in my work elevator complimented my shoes and wanted to know where I bought them. ‘The Goodwill,” I proudly replied, which was met by uncomfortable silence.

I’ve had a few people ask me since my post in February if the resolution includes underwear.

Abso-effing-lutely not. I will continue to buy new underwear, socks and swimwear. Continue reading

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