Living Richly – My Interview with Redbook Magazine

Redbook April 2014 Living Richly 768x1024 Living Richly   My Interview with Redbook Magazine

More than one year after making a public commitment to only buy used clothes, I’m happy to report it is no longer an experiment – it is my lifestyle. 

With the exception of a pair of cat space leggings I bought brand new, I have only purchased used clothing since February 2013. I’m a fairly practical and well – cheap – person so it was a challenge I happily embraced. Continue reading

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I’m in the May 2012 Issue of Glamour Magazine

May 2012 Glamour Magazine 768x1024 Im in the May 2012 Issue of Glamour Magazine

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, only 51% of adults today are married compared with 72% in 1960.

According to government data, more than half of births to women under 30 are out of wedlock.

I’ve written about this before - how despite these statistics, it seems that our choice not to marry still makes people we know, young and old, uncomfortable with our decision.

“I don’t know what to call you.”

“Er, this is Matt’s….(awkwardly trails off)”

Should you ever find yourself meeting me for the first time, or introducing me to an acquaintance, you are free to call me by my first name, Matt’s girlfriend, baby-mama, or partner. “Wife” seems to be the popular title of choice as it appears to make most people more comfortable.

Faith in Marriage Glamour Im in the May 2012 Issue of Glamour Magazine

I was interviewed for the May 2012 issue of Glamour magazine for an article about having faith in marriage. 

(Please note I could care less about celebrity marriages/divorces.)

My intention is not to offend nor disrespect any of my married friends. I love weddings and respect your decision to wed in the same way I expect you to respect my decision not to. I have friends who are married because it’s either a religious or family tradition, or they view it as the ultimate commitment.

I was the never the type of girl who fantasized about my wedding, and it just isn’t something I see in my immediate future.

I adore my partner, my growing family and feel happy, loved and secure.

I invite you to read the article and look forward to hearing your reasons for wedding or not. 

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 Im in the May 2012 Issue of Glamour Magazine

My Interview on Dianapantz Blog

It’s not easy making friends as an adult, and I really think it’s a little harder for women, because, well – we can be so catty and petty sometimes.

Dianapantz My Interview on Dianapantz Blog

So as a gal, when you meet another gal who you just “click” with, it’s a great feeling! That was my experience this summer at the 20SB Summit when I met Diana. She has a great spirit and  the more I get to know her, the more I know we were meant to be friends. (Albeit long distance pals, but a great digital pen pal at that.)

Today I’m honored to be the featured interview on her blog.

Check it out!

Right now…

{I stole this idea from Amber, who apparently was inspired by Eisley Rae, who stole it from Lindsey and Karri… you get the point.}

I am …

Watching the movie “Elf”. I don’t care how many times I watch this – I always laugh hysterically.

Eating … surprisingly…nothing.

Drinking iced water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Wearing USC sweatpants, my touristy Seattle sweater with a Hanes sweatshirt I’ve had for at least 15 years.

Avoiding cleaning up my email and writing several blogs.

Feeling very grateful.

Missing my best friend.

Thankful for my health and family.

Weather is quite disappointing. Cold and no snow!

Needing an ice cold beer.

Thinking …I sure wouldn’t mind playing hookie from work tomorrow to stay home and play with the Child all day.

Loving my family. I’m so blessed.

My Interview with Tara Llanes

Shimanu Kids Race 300x213 My Interview with Tara Llanes

Photo Courtesy of Tara Llanes

I don’t believe anything in life happens by chance, even the crummy stuff.

A couple of months ago I became a contributor for the Buzz section of, writing about Heavenly Mountain Resort and Northstar-at-Tahoe. Although my schedule is already packed with a full-time job, consulting gig and family, I managed to make it work, and it’s been well worth the extra time! I’ve learned about areas of each mountain resort I might not have known about otherwise.

I submitted my last entry for the month of September last night, and it is by far my favorite. Had I not been allowed to contribute to I may have never heard about Tara Llanes, let alone been given the opportunity to chat with her directly.

She is amazing. Although I only spent a few minutes with her on the phone, I will forever be impacted by her positive energy. For fifteen years she competed as a professional mountain biker, winning both silver and bronze at the World Championships and winning the X Games. In 2007 she suffered a terrible accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

For the last four years she has worked hard every single day in physical therapy to someday walk again, even though her doctors said she never would.

Meeting people like Tara Llanes and Reno-local Grant Korgan bring tears to my eyes. They’re faced with such an incredible obstacle but face it gracefully and with such tenacity and vigor. It makes me wonder – if I went through the same experience, could I be this strong?

To read more about Tara Llanes’ event this weekend at Northstar-at-Tahoe and about her road to recovery check out the official blog. 



My Interview with Wanda Sykes

Prior to Wednesday, March 2, 2011, I merely enjoyed watching Wanda Sykes, much like I enjoy a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. It’s nice, but no biggie if I don’t have it.  After spending 15 minutes on the phone with Sykes, I have a much bigger appreciation. Let’s just say if that cup of coffee weren’t there, I’d be fairly grumpy.

As she explains in our interview below, she’s just plain normal and incredibly nice! She’s a working mom of nearly 2-year-old twins. As a mom of ONE 20 month old, I instantly feel a connection. How else could I possibly connect to one of the most successful female comedians? Continue reading