Is Your Child Ready To Stay Home Alone? Things to Consider

There have been days when Manfriend is at work and all I want is a quick run around the block, that I’ve considered just going for a quick dash around the neighborhood. Is it really that wrong? What’s the worst that can happen?

It’s when I ask myself that question the Hispanic Panic sets in and image Grizzly bears clawing their way into my girls’ rooms while I’m taking a lovely stroll by myself.

Though my girls are clearly too young to stay home alone, it is a phase I know nothing about. Here to help is a guest post from the lovely Vivian Geddes. Continue reading

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Tips for Thrift Store Shopping + My Wardrobe Resolution

Tips for Thrift Shopping Tips for Thrift Store Shopping + My Wardrobe Resolution


If you know me well, you know the only kind of shopping I genuinely enjoy is for food. Please don’t ever invite me on a girls shopping spree. I will politely decline.

What I love is a bargain, and that’s how I get my kicks.

In the fall I challenged myself to wear every article of clothing I own. It was a way for me to discover which pieces I was lacking in my closet, as well as a way to force me to clean out my closet. Continue reading

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