Annoying Things Parents say to Non-Parents

overhwhelmed parents Annoying Things Parents say to Non Parents


As a mother of two beautiful girls (insert additional gloating comments here), I try to limit my annoying parenting comments to my  non-parenting friends.

But even as a parent, I can attest that the below comments are by far the most annoying things parents can say to non-parents, or soon-to-parents for that matter. Please note they are not listed in order of annoyance.

  1. “Just Wait”
    Quite possibly one of the most annoying phrases. Ever. I got this a lot when I was pregnant, and now from parents with children older than mine. “You think this is bad? Just wait until she gets older.” a) Why are people always projecting so much negativity? Yes, parenting is exhausting and we get pooped on, peed on, etc. But it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. b) While I may have limited experience as a parent, I’m well aware that more changes are headed my way. The “Just wait, they get older” comment is by far my favorite comment. Thank you, stranger. I might not otherwise know to expect my children to age or change.
  2. “You can’t possibly understand.”
    Insulting and condescending. Suggesting another person cannot possibly understand what it’s like to be sleep deprived, or totally in love, or even frustrated beyond belief is utterly and completely condescending.
  3. “When are you having kids?”
    For me the annoying, recurring question is “When are you getting married?” But having married friend without children, I often hear them get the “When are you having kids?” question. Second to that in annoyance is “When are you having more kids?” Particularly annoying if you literally just popped out a kid. Case in point, I was in the hospital room holding my newborn daughter when a family member asked if I was planning on having anymore.
 Annoying Things Parents say to Non Parents