Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician

How to choose a pediatrician Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician


T minus 12 weeks until I give birth to baby #2. Which means I have less than 12 weeks to get my work ready for maternity leave and more importantly, get the baby room set up! My partner thinks I’m crazy when I say ‘I need more than 2 months to prep!”

I’m a planner.

My coworker is due exactly 2 weeks after me – which is incredibly fun. We’re comparing belly bumps, commiserating over not being able to drink wine or beer, and I’ve been able to share a few tips as she’s a first-time mommy.

During one of our preggo chats last week we discussed choosing a pediatrician. I had forgotten what an important element of the planning process that is! I called my pediatrician today to give him a “heads up” that I’m producing another patient, and apparently it’s sufficient to just let the hospital know the day of delivery. Noted. 

For all first time parents, choosing a pediatrician is incredibly important for your child. I polled my parent pals for their best tips for choosing a doc for your child. 

BEFORE you ask for recommendations, know what’s important to you and your partner first. Are you on the same page for vaccines, medication, breastfeeding?  Once you have that figured out, you can be better equipped to ask the right questions of the doctor.

If the doctor is in line with your parenting philosophy and values, the most important thing – and something only you and your partner can decide, is how you feel with the doctor.

  • Do you like them?
  • Do you feel comfortable asking questions?
  • How do you feel inside their office with your child(ren)?

I hope this helps you with your decision-making process. 

Additional Questions to Ask a Pediatrician

  • “Can you get same day appointments for sick kids? Nothing worse than waiting when you’ve got a sick lil’ one!” -Lindsay 
  • Find out about their availability, partners, after hours care availability, call schedules, and how the office is run – how many staff members and scheduling coordination. Ask questions such as “Will you come see my child in the ER or hospital if needed?” - KC 
  • “We wanted to know if he was a parent. Medical degree aside, how can he understand the parenting side if he doesn’t have kids?m We made sure to meet and like his staff–you often deal more with them than the doc! We asked about after hours care, if he was available for questions without us having to make an appointment (and yes! he responds to email within 1-2 days.)” - Alexis
  • “My OBGYN referred me, and we researched to make sure he was good. Turns out he is amazing. He gave us his personal number and email in case we need him outside of office hours (which I have). It’s a bonus!” Ariana
  • “Ask if they offer same day appointments…that’s a big one!” - Courtney


 Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician