Guest Post: 7 Boho Bedroom Ideas

shabby chic Guest Post: 7 Boho Bedroom Ideas

It must be the beautiful weather and the fact that it’s spring – but I am crazy obsessed with projects right now! In the yard, in the house, on my sewing machine – it’s a little out of hand. But it’s exciting and I happily welcome this time of year. One of my many “update” projects includes spicing up my bedroom. I’m happy to welcome Jessica to the blog today, sharing her tips on adding Boho glamour to your room. Continue reading

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Living Richly – My Interview with Redbook Magazine

Redbook April 2014 Living Richly 768x1024 Living Richly   My Interview with Redbook Magazine

More than one year after making a public commitment to only buy used clothes, I’m happy to report it is no longer an experiment – it is my lifestyle. 

With the exception of a pair of cat space leggings I bought brand new, I have only purchased used clothing since February 2013. I’m a fairly practical and well – cheap – person so it was a challenge I happily embraced. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Keeping Preschoolers Entertained When You Dine Out

We rarely eat out as a family, simply because I enjoy cooking and eating in the comfort of our home without having to go anywhere.

But like anyone, there are some nights where I just don’t feel like doing the cooking or cleaning and going out is an attractive option.

As a parent of young daughters (both under the age of 5) it’s tempting to say, “We can’t go to dinner until they’re older”, but how else will they learn manners and behaving in public? So instead, we plan earlier dinners out around 5pm – before the evening rush – and bring supplies to distract if needed.

I’m glad to have Randi on the blog today, sharing some of her favorite tips for keeping the kiddos entertained.  Continue reading

Klout Hooked It Up: The Braun Thermometer

Klout and Braun 768x1024 Klout Hooked It Up: The Braun Thermometer

Klout has really stepped it up. I feel like the perks I’ve recently received are way more aligned with my “personal brand”, and they’re items I’ll actually use!

Among the most recent Klout Perks, I got the Braun forehead thermometer.

As a mama to two young girls, I fully appreciate not having to shove anything into my girls to get a good temperature reading. As I’m sure they do, too. Continue reading

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The Truth about Loving Yourself

the truth about loving yourself The Truth about Loving Yourself


My daughters and I listen to Disney music during dinner time. Dance parties and loud singing ensue.

The other night, Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid came on.

My four-year-old quickly said, “I don’t like Ursula. She’s a meanie. No one loves her. Only Ursula loves her.”

I started to spiral in my head.

Actually, Billie, even Ursula doesn’t love herself. That’s why she’s such a meanie. 

Was this an opportunity to teach my daughter about self-love and bullies?

By the time I formulated my thoughts, Billie had moved on to the third or fourth topic at the dinner table.

But that moment has made me pause. There are and will be countless teaching opportunities with my girls, and boy how quickly they sneak up on you.

I’ve learned a lot about myself this year – including how to truly, wholeheartedly love myself. And strangely enough, it was this quote that hit home for me. Continue reading

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